Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We are human. Nothing is perfect 100% of the time. But as long as we are trying and we are consciously making an effort everyday to change for the better, it counts.

One of the things I am changing is my diet. I know I say this often because I fall off the wagon a lot. But after my little vacation and feeling like a bloated whale when I got home, eating clean was a welcomed change! Usually it scares the hell out of me to know that I'm not going to get French fries or chocolate or some other naughty craving that I indulge in. This time it was different, I actually craved healthy whole food. That's how I know I'm ready. It's hard to force it. I've realized this a long time ago. When you are ready to change for real, it won't feel forced.

So this is the second day into my clean diet and already I feel so much better. Before I was tired and just felt heavy. The first day wasn't hard, but I had a headache....probably from not feeding myself it's usual diet as of late - sugar. But today the headache is gone and I'm already feeling that sluggishness fade.

I'm back to drinking my jug-o-detox. This time, instead of cranberry juice, I am using tart cherry juice. I think I like the flavor a tad better. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I try to drink a jug a day of this blend that is supposed to help your body detoxify junk. It's a couple TBSP cranberry juice (the pure 100% stuff, nothing added), a couple TBSP fresh squeezed lemon juice, a cup of detox tea (buy at grocery store - it's actually called "detox") and water. And for my own added flare, I add a cinnamon stick. This is my jug:

It's only 11am and I've already almost drank the entire jug. I really try to drink as much as I can in the morning, otherwise I don't do so well getting adequate water intake for the day.
I got teased a lot at first, carrying my jug into work every morning, but eventually people just became intrigued by it and commended me on my healthy efforts.
And my meals are pretty much the same. Today I had Ezekiel brand sprouted grain English muffin (cinnamon raisin - yum!), with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, half avocado and 2 slices tomato. Oh, and I put real butter on the English muffin.
It is delicious!
And morning snack is full fat Greek yogurt (plain - no flavored crap with added sugar) and blueberries and cinnamon. I add in a few drops of liquid stevia for sweetness. I have found the KING of all Greek yogurt. I used to always buy Chobani or Fage, thinking those were the best brands but I bought Greek Gods brand just to be different and OMG! This is seriously the most luxurious yogurt there is! I seriously sound like I'm aroused when I'm eating it because I can't NOT moan! It's that good.

And for lunch, I will have a lettuce salad consisting of kale, spinach and cabbage. Then I will add beans for protein (navy, black, kidney, etc) and some raw organic cheddar, maybe some slices of avocado or hard boiled egg whites and olives. YUM! I make my own homemade ranch dressing out of Veganaise and spices. Delish! Yes, I'm a ranch girl. I just can't get excited about salad dressed with oil and vinegar. I love the creamy flavor of ranch. And I can have a healthier, just as tasty version made at home. Perfection!
Dinner will always be different. Last night I made beef stir fry with broccoli shreds, bean sprouts and snap peas. Brown rice on the side. Tonight I will make tilapia with a healthy topping made from Veganaise, lemon juice and raw cheddar, along side faux-tatoes (which is just a fancy way of saying cauliflower that has been steamed and blended with butter to look like mashed potatoes. Maybe also some roasted brussel sprouts :)
I hope you can get inspired by healthy cooking and eating whole, delicious foods!