Thursday, March 31, 2011

super community

I belong to a wonderful community on I have had a 'bodyspace' there for a few years now, and I am not super active on the site, but it is a fun way to meet new people with similar fitness interests and goals. You can see other people's before & afters, read their stories, get feedback, make new friends, etc. It's also a GREAT way to gain momentum because every single person that I've interacted with via the site has been really encouraging, motivating, helpful and kind.

A few days ago I posted some new progress pictures on my bodyspace (the same ones I posted here) and the response I got was overwhelming! I got a lot of positive feedback and was really truly surprised! It was very good fuel for motivation. Let's just say that the words "chiseled" and "sexy" were used...haha! I am a little embarrassed by it but in a way, that is definitely the look I want to achieve. For myself, and for my husband (even though he hates when I "drag" him into it - as if it's wrong to want to look good for my husband).

Anyway, if you want to join a great community of people who will inspire you, motivate you and lift your spirits when you need it, join bodyspace at and let's be friends!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progress pics

This is why I am totally getting a mini trampoline today!
click here
I think I like the sound of everything good it does for a body! Plus, the kids will have lots of fun jumping to get exercise. They desperately want an outdoor trampoline but Pappa bear will never let them.

AND, I took some new progress pics. I feel SO STUPID standing in front of a mirror flexing muscles and taking pictures of myself BUT I would feel even more stupid asking my husband to take them. Enough whining, here they are:

Setting up

Upper body

Side view

Little bit of triceps?

Non existent hamstrings, no matter how many deadlifts I

They are slightly bigger when I try to flex

Quads - I can almost barely see the line of separation between the lateralis and medialis

Please note that my photography sucked here but it's difficult to take pictures of yourself ;)

Also, I am not trying to be vain. This is a diary of my journey to building a body I can be proud of so I need to document my progress. It keeps me accountable. And I hope to inspire a few readers along the way.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Measurements time

Ok, well I forgot to take measurements yesterday so I did it today. Not bad, I have definitely gotten leaner compared to a month ago.

Last month:
weight 114.6
thigh 19 1/2
waist 24

weight 111.8
thigh 19
waist 24

So you see that I lost half an inch where I needed it! My waist measurement never changes anymore but I'm cool with that since there really isn't anything to lose there anyway. As I've said before I'm very happy with my upper body. I could stand more definition up there, but I'm definitely not afraid to show it off ;) As far as my weight goes, I don't obsess about it. I actually wouldn't mind gaining 10 pounds more (as long as it's all muscle). I only use it as a number in an equation so that I can track my lean body mass. If I find I am losing LBM, I need to tweak my fitness/diet routine. It's measurements that I'm interested in.

Also, I haven't been sharing my workouts in a while so it's time I do that as well. Here's my basic routine as of late:

MONDAYs: *legs
squats 110lbs
deadlifts 90lbs
ham curls 40lbs
lots of leg lifts w/ankle weights
walking lunges - I try to hit 100, doesn't happen every time;)

TUESDAYs: intervals
30 minutes on the treadmill, first & last 5 minutes warm up and cool down. Alternate 1 minute high intensity (speed depends on mood/energy level - somewhere around 8mph), followed by 1 minute recovery (4mph). Do this for 20 minutes. Time just FLIES when I do this workout, I love it!
leg lifts, walking lunges, ABS

WEDNESDAYs: arms #1
chin ups
chest press 70lbs
bent over lat raise 10lb dumbbells
bicep curls 20lb dumbbells
tricep band pulldowns or dips
leg lifts, walking lunges, ABS

THURSDAYs: intervals
leg lifts, walking lunges, ABS

FRIDAYs: intervals
leg lifts, walking lunges, ABS

SATURDAYs: arms #2
push ups
flyes 20lb dumbbells
barbell row 50lbs
barbell shoulder press 40lbs
side lat raise 10lb dumbbells
barbell bicep curl 35lbs
close grip press 50lbs
leg lifts, walking lunges, ABS - only if I skip a day M-F

SUNDAYs: rest
or intervals if I've skipped or just have too much energy to sit still! ;)

I also try to incorporate a brisk walk as many evenings as I can, usually 30-45 minutes.

And there you have it! Not set in stone, sometimes things get moved over a day or I am too exhausted after a workout to get in leg lifts. Then I say I will do them in the evening - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But if I get in at least 4 of the leg lifts/lunges per week I'm happy. And I don't skip the weighted workouts, there are only 3 per week so I really have no excuse (or desire) to skip them. Abs have generally gotten pretty routine at 5 days a week. I like to do them in between sets on weight days and then all clumped together on interval days.

I'm pretty happy with this method I have going. It will be hard to want to change it when the time comes. And hopefully it will produce the results I'm hoping for in two month's time.

*on a side note: I switched from doing legs twice per week to only once per week based on a fitness e-letter I receive. This particular person (who wrote a book on how to build legs) suggested that the reason some people don't achieve muscle growth is that they are punishing their legs twice per week. I thought I would give that theory a try and only work them hard only once each week.

The legs lifts are based on another theory that to actually decrease the fat in the legs, they need high repetitions of body weight or light weight. And, it needs to be done most days per week.

I'm not sold on one method or the other but I want to try both and see where it gets me. Is it smart to try both together? I don't know, but that is what I am trying out first.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Monday

Well it's on to round two. I will be on my second month of the hormonal timing eating/exercising "schedule". I'm going to concentrate on fat loss these next two weeks (more cardio, less carbs, no eating past 7pm). I'm hoping it produces the same great results as I saw last month. I've got my motivation back and I'm ready to go!

Even though I'm energized and motivated, it will still be a struggle at times to get myself downstairs to workout and continue to eat as clean as possible, the biggest struggle will be with my own mind. Usually during these two weeks, it isn't too big of a problem because my motivation is high. But during the last two weeks I can be a tad lazy and sluggish. I'm usually fighting just to keep myself from sabotaging my plans to get fit(er).

I have legs today. I hope that my back doesn't hinder my workout. I pulled a muscle (I think while shoveling that ton of fresh snow we got last week) and it's really been bothering me. Certain twists and moves I make almost take my breath away!

Noticed even more definition in my arms over the weekend! I was so excited. This is what I need right now. I need to see my results to remind myself that this is working. (I need to fight the urge to change my routine every couple weeks - it's such a bad habit) If it's not broke, don't fix it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Get off your butt!

In the last post I talked about how working out too much can be counter productive. Now I'm going to rant about the other side of the spectrum...not doing anything.

You don't have to be super hard core, dedicated, 7 days a week, all out fitness freak to get benefits from exercise. Don't have an "all or nothing" attitude. If you don't have time or energy for your usual 45 minute session, do a quick 10 minute version. Pick something (whether it's running, body weight exercises, jumping rope, hill climbs, sprints, etc) and do it. Something is better than nothing. Just get moving!

What I like to do if I'm short on time or energy is pick about 6 compound movements (works more muscles for bigger calorie burn) and do them. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, chest press, clean & press, push ups, chin ups....any of those will do. I might use weight or I might just do bodyweight, it doesn't matter. Of course, I prefer to do my normal full weight routine, but I can't have an all or nothing attitude. What do you think is better - doing nothing today or doing at least 10 minutes of something?

Keep those workouts short, but effective

Some people think that the more you workout, the more fat you lose. Well, to some extent that is true. But there is a point at which over excessive working out becomes counterproductive. Here's what I mean:

If your workout lasts longer than an hour your body goes into a catabolic state. At which time you start to breakdown muscle tissue to convert into sugar for energy. This also happens if you aren't properly fueling your body before and after your workouts.

And of course we all know that muscle loss (no matter who you are) is not a good thing. It isn't just the weight lifters that want muscle. Muscle powers you through any type of exercise you choose to do. And the more muscle you have in your body, the more calories you burn at rest. Who doesn't want to have lean sexy muscle definition? Soft squishy body - no thanks!

This is one of the primary reasons I'm a huge advocate for intervals and weight training. I can get a weight training session done in under an hour and intervals take 30 minutes. I just alternate the days. My fitness goal is to build sexy muscle, not use it to fuel long boring cardio.

I can get into an anabolic state (where muscles grow) when I'm weight training and a metabolic state (where fat is being burned) when I'm doing high intensity interval training. I also make sure to eat a healthy breakfast (pre workout) and a healthy post workout meal consisting of lean protein and healthy carb (yam, for instance).

I have read that some studies prove morning fasted cardio burns more fat but I've also read that some studies prove this is false. I don't usually go by one study or another, you really have just do what works for your own body. For me, morning fasted cardio, didn't speed up or improve my fat loss at all. What did work is having breakfast, waiting an hour or two, then doing a 30 minute interval session. Intervals are another topic of debate. Some say that you have greater "after burn", where you continue to burn more calories during the day. Where as with steady state cardio (like running) you only burn calories while you run. Like I said, you will read a lot of conflicting data on this theory. I happen to prefer intervals, and they work for me, so I do them ;)

The safe bet for maintaining muscle: keep your workouts under an hour. Train hard, and get on with your life! Who wants to spend HOURS a day working out, anyway?! I mean, I like lifting weights but that doesn't mean I want to do it 2 hours every day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WooHoo! Got a great pump on today!

I did arms today. For some reason, I dread doing arms lately. I think it's because I never seem to improve in strength, which leaves me stuck at the same weight for EONS. But I think I've figured out why.

I think I have been lifting for endurance, rather than strength. Before, I was lifting a weight until I reached 12 reps, then I went up in weight (usually seeming very heavy to me) and I would never progress in reps so I would "revamp" my workout routine and go back down to lighter weights so I had room to work up to that heavy range again. Only to give my workout another overhaul when I reached the dreaded heavy weight again.

No wonder I never progressed! I got scared too. I am always afraid of lifting a weight that's too heavy and straining or injuring myself.

Now, I am upping the weight. No fear! Some of it is heavier than I've ever dared to lift. Even though it might only be 6 reps. But I'm not taking that weight all the way up to 12 reps. When I get to 10 reps, I up the weight and take my reps down to 6. I am still desperately trying to get at least one more rep with each sessions so I can make use of that double progression theory. So far, it's working for me.

I am a little embarrassed to share the "heavy" weight I am using but right now, I am doing flys (or is it flyes - I've seen it spelled both ways) with 20lb dumbbells. It feels like my arms will detach and fall to the floor when I'm on my bench and I lift those suckers out to the side! But no fear, right?

Same with my shoulder presses and bicep curls, etc. I'm not waiting (and waiting and waiting) to get the 12 reps. I don't need that endurance. I want hypertrophy! I want definition that comes with BUILDING muscle!

I don't gain muscle easily. I try, honestly I do, to EAT. And eat right. Eating right is not the problem for me. Eating enough, is. At least, that is my theory since my muscles never grow. I've gone through just about EVERY combination of sets, reps, days of the week, resting, you name put on a little muscle but I'm guess the ingredient I am missing is amount of food. Don't get me wrong, I do not eat like a bird. I can eat. A lot. I just don't think I time it properly.

Sure, I eat my big protein and healthy carb right after I lift so it goes right into those hungry muscles, but it hasn't been enough. I've upped my protein intake to where I should be able to grow. But it's HARD getting all that protein in some days, because, you know, some days a girl just wants to eat shredded wheat. Not shredded wheat AND a can of tuna! I'm a carb lover. Like most people I guess. Although I try to cut them way down two weeks out of the month.

Still, I'm like most women who really fear eating more to build muscle because we don't want to gain fat too. Right now, since bikini season is close at hand (although you'd never guess lookin' out my window), I don't want to focus on building muscle. I want to shave off the fat. But after summer, I'll be in build mode. Which means I will eat more calories than I typically do and keep lifting heavier. Then, come spring again, I will work strictly on losing the fat that may have accumulated with the muscle. Because that isn't super uncommon.

Right now I am upping my cardio. I love love LOVE intervals. Did I mention love? It is so nice to get on the treadmill, hit it hardcore for 30 minutes and get the hell off! If I knew I had to spend an hour on the treadmill day after day, I'd never do it. *snore* Repetitive. Boring. And it does nothing for fat loss. Ever wonder why those people that use strictly cardio for fat loss don't ever seem to lose fat? Adaptation. I should know. I trained for a half marathon after my 3rd child was born and I was running daily, but still skinny fat. Did nothing for my thighs, let me tell you.

That's when I started lifting weights. I picked up a dumbbell and never looked back!

This past month, in my first two weeks of hitting intervals, along with my strength training workouts and clean eating, I was sliding into jeans that were tight before with ease. Some were downright baggy! And that is after 2 weeks! Hells yeah! Love!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's been kinda quiet in here!

This past week has been a fitness disaster for me. The week started out ok but then I needed to get going on this Photoshop trial I am doing (I only have 30 days to try it before I decide if I want to fork over the big bucks for it) so I have done a lot of sitting. A lot.

I decided not to beat myself up over it and even take it one step further. I declared a rest week. Not an entire week but dern close...5 days. I realized that I haven't given my body a good rest in a few months so hopefully it will do me good. I'm ready to get back at it tomorrow though because I am feeling like a big old cow!

Sitting around does nothing for moral and motivation. I have this distorted image of myself gaining like a pound a day then feeling devastated as my self esteem and energy plummet. Well, my self esteem didn't plummet, nor did I gain a pound a day, but my hormones are really making me sluggish. And I didn't really care. I usually don't put fitness on the back burner but I am hoping that this rest will renew my focus and drive to succeed. I've got only 2 1/2 months to whip myself into the best shape possible. That isn't a lot of time. I'm hoping it will scare me into "super duper fitness model contest prep insanely clean diet and intense workout" mode - whatever that is. I just want to keep my motivation high so that I can keep my eyes on the prize.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I went to see a friend yesterday. She's a gorgeous stay at home mother of 3, just like me (although I tend to leave the word gorgeous out when describing myself). And like me she has a passion for fitness. But she is more on the other side of the fitness world, she's a runner. She does a lot of half marathons.

She and her husband recently finished their basement and built a fitness room so I had to go check it out. I must say, I think I'm a tad jealous! It was amazing. Glass door going in with a window decal that had their name and "fitness room", 3 cardio machines and a weight machine (not sure what you call it), flat screen on the wall, rubber flooring...VERY sweet. Although, it was a bit tight. Not much room for anything else because of all the equipment. But it fits her needs just fine since like I said, she mostly runs. It was wow.

And today I will go down to my dark basement, nothing fancy, and workout all the same. Your muscles don't care what your workout room looks like I guess. Although after seeing her vibrant blue colored walls I am thinking even just a new paint job to lighten things up down there could do wonders for my energy. I might have to mention that to my husband! We're constantly talking about painting in here. Almost every room in this house needs new paint. Maybe this summer?

Anyway, I am not quite sure what the point of this post was other than to say this friend of mine has a pretty sweet fitness room. Oh and my legs hurt. I did some heavier weights yesterday and I am feeling it today. I also think I may have pulled my hamstring a little. Dang.

Monday, March 14, 2011

new cycle ahead

Measurements the same as last week. I figured that because I didn't really work as hard as I should have.

Boosting now so hello again to bread and cheese (just a little bit) for the next couple weeks. I wouldn't have had to give up the bread (it's Ezekiel sprouted grain) but I did anyway. I don't want to drop cheese altogether but I did surprisingly well without it the past two weeks ;)

Nothing new to report. Going to lift heavier over next two weeks. Today I was squatting and deadlifting 80lbs...which isn't much but previous weeks I was lighter at 65lbs. I've been strictly using stiff legged deadlifts in the past but I tried bent leg (is that Romanian?) and it's quite difficult. I'm not sure I am using correct form and the bar always hits my shins.

Feeling the cravings for carbs and late night snacks hit lately. Really fighting it. Even having a slight craving for cake (what?), despite not eating sweets since end of January. I am so glad I read that book on hormonal timing because I'm feeling my hormones for sure!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don't feel inadequate

I'm always making small tweaks to my workouts. I can't help it. I have been getting a bit more creative with my workouts lately. Always trying to work the muscle with slight differences to keep my body guessing. The other day, I hooked a band around my pullup bar and did some lat pulldowns and tricep pulldowns. I'm used to the barbell and dumbbells, so the band gave me a new sort of resistance.

There are times I wish I had a fancier home gym, more equipment, etc. But you can build a great body with very basic equipment. It doesn't need to be fancy OR expensive. It's a bit like photography, you could have the most expensive camera and a dozen high end lenses, but if you lack creativeness and general know-how, you won't take great pictures. Maybe not even good pictures.

Building a great physique doesn't just happen because you forked over big $$$ on that shiny new equipment. What matters is the time you put in, the hard work, the sweat, the dedication. I go down to my dark basement (out dated colors and all) and I work my ass off on a fairly cheap weight bench. And I get results. Of course, I could really use a squat rack ;)

Have you ever heard that saying about how a guy with a big fancy vehicle is overcompensating for feelings of inadequacy in other areas? Just sayin...

And let's not forget to mention the most important No, I don't mean being "on a diet", I mean, what you are eating. Don't be like me and waste TONS of time thinking that you can get what you want out of your workouts if you aren't eating to back it up! You have to pay attention to what you are stuffing in your cake hole. I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and not see any significant changes on the scale. But I certainly wouldn't notice any changes for the better either. And I just wouldn't be happy to settle for the average soft and squishy mom body. I want better.

Eating hot dogs and sugary cereals with the kids? If you are, ask yourself: Is my body changing sufficiently enough through exercise alone? Am I happy with that jiggle that just doesn't seem to want to come off? Do I want to look like every other average person on the beach? Or....

Do I want to turn heads, rock my bikini, look like I work damn hard because I do?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy days are here again

I was elated on Monday morning. Jumping around in my closet, throwing clothes everywhere. Why you ask? Ok, I'll tell you why. I'm shrinking! My butt and thighs are actually shrinking!

I took my measurements and they were about the same as always (maybe lost a half an inch) but it was enough to notice BIG changes in the way my jeans fit. One pair in particular were downright baggy! Which of course caused the happy dance clothes throwing party in my closet.

I proceeded to try on everything I owned and it all felt a little looser. I am just hoping that it's fat I'm losing and not muscle. I should be safe considering the amount of protein in my diet and the fact that I am weight training. That will save my muscle. The look of my legs still needs work but now I'm more confident than ever that I can do this by summer!!

I really needed this. I needed to see change because it's been far too long. After months and months of struggling and going nowhere, I finally can see the light. What did it? What was the missing link? CLEAN EATING!!! Never in my life have I eaten a diet completely free of sugar and processed foods. I've tried to eat very healthy in the past 5 years but I've always saved a day for treats. Some people can get away with that. I think when you have a lot of weight to lose having a cheat meal once a week is good. But if you're like me, it becomes a matter of making great sacrifices. And I tell you what, I would totally sacrifice chocolate cake for the rest of my life if it means I'll finally be rid of the jiggle on my legs!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 1 in retrospect

I've made it through my first week. If you remember, I was going to work really hard for 12 weeks (since my goal deadline is coming up fast - and I will be ready).

I suppose it's been about a month and a half since I decided to go as clean as possible with my diet. So far, I am absolutely AMAZED at how well I've done. And this past week, I decided to give up bread and cheese, as well as give up eating anything after dinner (or nothing past 7pm). This is only temporary. I'm going to cycle it every 2 weeks, see how it goes. It's a constant experiment.

The funny thing is, I notice myself feeling less hungry. To the point where when it's snack time I'm not starving and can get by on a handful of nuts without wanting to go postal. Not to mention that my belly is less puffy.

Have drank my veggies every morning. I really like that. I don't have to feel bad about not getting my veggies in every day. I do need to buy a better food processor at some point though.

I feel like my diet has been more successful than my workout strategy. I'm going to fine tune that today so I can head into week 2 with a solid plan in place that I can keep up with consistency for the next 11 weeks.

I just don't feel like I have made any gains in strength. Even with the creatine in my system for almost a month. It always seems like once I up the poundage, I get scared and stall. I wait and wait to get past a certain weight but never seem to progress. This is usually when I revamp my workout routine (which also includes going back down slightly in weight - which is part of the problem). It's frustrating.

You know how EVERYTHING you read says that you shouldn't lift a weight that's too light if you are looking to challenge your muscles and gain size? Well, in a lot of exercises I am lifting a weight that I can get 10-12 reps, but when I go up a little I really struggle to get 6 or 8. I am really afraid of injuring myself also. Especially when it comes to my shoulder. I feel like I really strain when I do front or side lat raises (for instance), so I stay at the weight just below that level - yet never seem to get past it. Don't know if I should push past the strain or play it safe. Same thing happens with bicep curls, except it's not a straining feeling. It's just a feeling that I can't do very many reps without sacrificing form, unless I am at a lighter weight. But it's a weight that I just can't seem to progress past. I want to make gains DANG IT!

Also, on the negative side of things this past week, I haven't been doing my bodyweight leg lifts and lunges like I had planned. I wanted to get at least 5 days of these in. This is also a little experiment of mine. The problem always seems to be that I'm too drained of energy after my weight training (which is at about an hour already) and too tired to do them before bed like I always tell myself will happen when I skip them at workout time. Ugh. You might ask why I don't just choose one or the other but I simply can seem to bring myself to quit lifting and put all my faith that I will be bikini ready by summer, in a bodyweight routine. And I want to try getting a good burn out of high repetition lunges and lifts to see if it really does burn fat from the area like I've read about.

Despite those examples of frustration, I'm not overly caught up in them. I've still got a good attitude. And I know I have to maintain that and BELIEVE because there isn't much time left. 12 weeks of this and my body just HAS to change! It's inconceivable that nothing would come out of all that I've changed for the better - after 12 weeks of that, my body will either change or I am an unbelievable freak of nature that defies all the laws of the universe.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I've said this before...trying to get the right amount of protein in every day is a challenge sometimes. I'm ALWAYS thinking about my next meal and the protein that I will have. If I wasn't so scared of getting mercury poisoning, I would eat tuna more than once or twice per week. Does anyone know how many cans of tuna is a safe amount? I'd love to know.

And about the protein, what is a safe amount? I jokingly asked my husband if he wanted a shot of my veggie drink yesterday morning and he replied, "I'm not afraid of veggies. It's that protein powder I don't want." Well, I didn't have protein powder in my veggie drink, that would be disgusting.

He is afraid that all the protein I am trying to put into my diet is going to ruin my kidneys one day. I always argue that as long as I'm drinking enough water that shouldn't be a problem. Because really, the more you drink, the more you pee. And what is pee but waste and toxins squeezed out of your kidneys. So, I shouldn't have any build up in my kidneys as long as I drink enough water. Am I right? I am no doctor, but this is my theory. Or, am I simply making them work too hard?

This isn't going to be my diet style for life either. It's just too get where I want to be and then to maintain, I should be able to cut back on the protein. But it's critical to building muscle. As are are complex carbs such as yams and other nutritious foods.

If I am way off base with the protein thing, I would love to hear your thoughts. Is it safe, or are we setting ourselves up for kidney failure later on?

I currently shoot for 20-25 grams of protein with each meal. And at 5 meals a day that puts me between 100-125 grams per day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

More abs

Please don't look at my unmade bed. I was lazy. But who the hell cares? Here's to progress!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Are those obliques I see? (tears of joy)

Good bye party girl, hello fit girl!

I have always been a little bit of a party girl. This is ultimately the reason my body got into such horrible shape to begin with. I've always been at a healthy weight, even skinny, but never really "healthy".

I drank a lot in my 20's. I stayed out late, made terrible food choices, and as a result - gained FAT! I liked to drink. It brought me out of my shell. I'm not a very outgoing person, always the quiet shy one in the back. But when I had a good buzz going, I could mingle with anyone, go out dancing....I was fun! This was the main reason I drank for so many years. It just helped me get through social situations.

Quitting drinking was a looooong and slow process, which I have my husband to thank for. He isn't a big drinker. It was his general lack of interest in going to the bar and partying every weekend that saved me. It was like an addiction for me. I really longed to go out, I liked the bar atmosphere. But the more I stayed home, the less I drank. Until finally (years later) it was a glass or two of wine when we went out for dinner once or twice a month.

Now? I hardly drink at all. And since my decision to eat clean and train like all I have is today, I have tried HARD to get to zero. Although I did have a glass of wine with dinner last week. But what I'm most proud of is last night.

My niece turned 21, which is something I had really been excited for. She is a really fun outgoing girl and I was excited at the prospect of having someone to go out and dance with. But now, my priorities have totally shifted. I went to the bar last night, stayed until 1am, and drank water with lemon all night! I have never done this. Ever. I've never had the will. I must have had 10 tall glasses of water and peed like the dickens.

My plan was to drink absolutely nothing, but I did have 2 shots of tequila, which set me back about 100 calories each, but I don't consider it a failure. I was very VERY proud considering what I used to be. Which might have been an alcoholic.

And I can say with absolute certainty that the next time I head to a bar with family or friends, I will be able to resist ALL alcohol. Even when faced with pressure and maybe even a little criticism. But the whole time, I will have my goal in the front of my mind. Even if no one else understands why it is so important to me. Even if they think I'm an old stump or no fun. Eventually, they will be used to the fact that I don't want to drink anymore and I won't have to explain AGAIN. ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have you ever had anyone ask you why you are doing this to yourself (in reference to clean eating and lifting weights)?

I have. My mother usually asks me that once a week. And she's even said something to this effect, "You are going to get yourself sick." How absurd! Sorry mom, but how is eliminating processed JUNK from my diet and exercising going to make me sick??? Some people say that people with negative comments like that are just projecting. I'm no psychologist, but it could be. She's not an avid exerciser herself. She's in her 70's and has lots of chronic pain. I'm always trying to tell her that it's never too late and that she might actually get rid of some of that pain if she just pushed through it a little. I know the initial "getting started" is the biggest leap, but if she would just trust me. If she could just want it as much as I want it for her. I'm afraid of losing her.

I like to think that I'm a source of motivation for those that I love, but most of the time I think I'm more annoying than anything. I honestly don't mean to be, but when you are passionate about something, you can't help but spread that passion around! You might think it's hard. It is. You might think that it's a lot of effort. It is. You might think that you can't do it. You are wrong. If I can change my habits and break my addiction to sugar and greasy food, you can too. Are you tired of hearing that? "If I can do it, anyone can" .... Well, deal with it! It's absolutely the truth. There is no difference between the people that DO and the people that DON'T. Except for this: the people that DO, don't use excuses.

I'm too busy.
I have no time.
I'm too tired.
I want to spend time with my kids.
I want to go out and drink with my buddies.
I can't afford it.
I'm too old.
I want to enjoy life, not have so many restrictions.
I'll start after Christmas, graduation, Easter, family reunion, the wedding, ________(fill in the blank).

These are ALL excuses.

Reality check - How bad do you want a fit and healthy body? How long do you want to be around for your children? How important is it for you to feel good about yourself?

Not everyone cares about proper diet and exercise. Not everyone wants to look like a figure competitor. And hey, that's cool. But most people would probably like to be at a healthy weight, whether they admit it or not. And chances are, if you are reading this blog right now, you are somewhat interested in being healthy and achieving some fitness goal. And so I will say this...practice! The more you think about it, the more you try to eliminate unhealthy food from your diet, little by little, it will happen. It certainly didn't happen right away for me. It took me YEARS to get all my ducks in a row. Just don't ever lose that passion. Don't give up that drive to succeed. Keep at it. Don't beat yourself up over small set backs. Push forward. If you are anything like me, you will have your "light bulb" moment when it all sinks in and you realize what you have to do. And you will be able to say "no thank you" to the chocolate cake and HELLO to the fabulous body that awaits you!