Thursday, May 28, 2009

Days 18 & 19

G-ma is walking 20 minutes every morning now. And 10 minutes in the evening (sometimes).

The best part? Her back is NOT hurting anymore!!! WHOO HOO!!

The second best part? Her first cheat day in 19 days is TOMORROW! I can't tell you how excited she is. She deserves it!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days 16 & 17

Yesterday G-ma walked for 17 minutes although she didn't hardly move at all after that.

Today she walked 20 minutes!! That was my goal for her so I am happy she has reached it. Now if she can just keep it at 20 every day I would be happy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 15 - WEIGH IN

Here are the stats as of today:

~ Body fat percentage is unchanged from the previous week
~ Weight is up 2 lbs which is more than likely water weight from reintroducing carbs back into the diet (since body fat is unchanged)
~ Waist is 1 1/2 inches SMALLER
~ Stomach measured around belly button is 1 inch SMALLER
~ is 1/2 inch SMALLER
~ All other measured points were unchanged

Now, she was a bit discouraged to step onto the scale and find she was up two pounds but after we measured her and discovered she is losing inches, it wasn't so bad after all :)

Plus, I assured her that the ups and downs will happen (just look at how they go up and down on The Biggest Loser, for instance) but you still keep plugging away. Giving up won't produce results either.

Way to lose those inches, Super G!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Days 13 & 14

G-ma (aka- Super G) did weights Friday:

8 reps each - 1 set

Squats to chair
Military Press - 8lb DB
DB Rows - 10 lb DB
Standing Leg Extensions
Deadlifts - 10 lb DB
Slow leg lower (abs)

She worked out like a champ. DAAAAAANG, she can work the weights when she wants to. Now, I need to get her to do 2 sets next time. NO SISSY GIRLS ALLOWED!!!

And today (Saturday) we had a bit of a crisis on our hands. Since it's Emma's 3rd birthday tomorrow, Farmor and Farfar came to visit from Sweden. And as always (bless her heart), Farmor brought sweets.....LOTS of sweets. Toblerone, coffee cake, cobbler, gummies, bulk assorted candy, Mercier, marzipan, Punschrulle.....OH DEAR LORD, the wills were tested today!!!!! I have to be honest, I simply could not bear to let Super G look on as we all indulged in this gorge & barf-o-rama. I let her have a sliver of coffee cake and half a punschrulle. She was able to have a sweet treat without overindulging. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, but she wanted to, let me tell you!! Hopefully straying slightly from her diet won't cost her too many calories since the big weigh in is tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days 11 & 12

Nothing new to report. Although G-ma's back pain has been a bit more stubborn than I (and she) would like. We decided to get her walking right away in the morning because the longer she waits the harder it is for her. So this morning we tested out that theory and she was still hurting so bad after 10 1/2 minutes that she had to quit. I am not sure what the deal is, she was up to 15 minutes a few days ago. But, little setbacks happen at times. It doesn't mean we throw the towel in. It just means we go easy, take it slow.....the last thing we need is an injury.

3 more days until weigh in #2. She is getting really excited. I am too. She says her clothes are fitting her a bit better and her middle feels smaller. SUPER! I hope we can see another 5 pounds gone on Sunday. But even 1 pound would be success.

This weeks she has been cycling her carb days 1 day on, 1 day off type of thing. Next week we are bumping it up to every day (but still nothing super starchy like pasta yet). She really loves her low GI/GL days...she gets her fruit!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Days 9 & 10

Yesterday there was not much activity on G-ma's part. She did walk but only for 11 and 1/2 minutes. She said she just couldn't go any longer. She is complaining a lot of her back hurting off to one side and is thinking it may be something more than just a regular backache. But I keep hoping that the more weight she loses, the easier on her body walking will be.

Today, right now actually, she is walking on the treadmill. I want her to do AT LEAST 15 minutes (since she was able to do that two days ago) but again she says "we'll see". I think the initial excitment is starting to wear off. She is fighting more and more about how much walking she does. I don't wait on her either. When she wants water, or has forgotten something she needs in a different room, I make her get up and get it herself. Which usually works great until the kids get home from school!

But, her diet is still perfect. She really has no other choice than to eat what I give her so that part is easy. We really need to work on making her more active during the day....that's the hardest part. She is too used to being completely sedentary, due to pain. The more she moves, the more calories she'll burn.

Give her a shout out! She needs support!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, sorry I didn't post anything for days 6 & 7 but life sneaks up on you and you know how it goes.

I will report that G-ma's walking is still improving slowly every day. She walked 12 1/2 minutes yesterday (up from her 5 minutes the first day) and she was at a pace of 1.8 for a bit.

Now, for the moment of truth. Has her diet and exercise plan been enough to help her lose any fat????

The answer to that is....YES!!! 5 pounds gone this first week! She is 5 pounds lighter, her bodyfat went down by 1%, and she is 1/2 inch smaller in all her measurement points (which include hips, thigh, belly and arm). WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

It's a great moment for her. She needs this motivation to fuel her fat burning fire. Now she knows it IS WORKING and if she keeps it up, she could be 20 pounds lighter by the time we come home!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 5

G-ma walked 11:30 on the treadmill this morning.

I really slacked in the "Sarge" department since I didn't make her walk in the evening. I was having a bad day myself and my motivation for ANYTHING was low.

Her diet has been impeccable this entire week so far. Not one slip up. Not even one single nibble of anything outside the confines of her diet. I am really proud of her! (more than I can say for myself) And on that note....

I caved yesterday afternoon and had carbs. This first week was supposed to be just proteins, fats and veggies and we will slowly introduce carbs back into the diet next week. But I was feeling crappy because my mood was foul and I was SO SORE from training hard the past two days. Mom convinced me that I needed a little extra to replenish myself cuz I WORKED HARD DARN IT!! I said I wanted to stick by her side thru this, eating the same diet and giving her support. But she assured me she was OK and so I had a peanut butter sandwich.....and then pizza....and chocolate cereal.....and some white chocolate.....and some bread with cheese......oh dear. I'm a failure.

But, I don't give up. I had a moment (or an entire afternoon) of weakness and I just have to put it behind me. At least I had a flawless 3 day run with no carbs. This little bump in my calorie intake could actually benefit me. It is what professionals call "calorie or carb cycling". One way to do it is go 3 days low calorie/low carb, which is just long enough to somewhat deprive your body, but then right before the starvation response kicks in (which is the body's survival mechanism that holds tight to the fat you've got in case there is a famine ahead), just before that happens, you bump up your calorie intake (usually through carbs). Then, the next day, you start back on the 3 day low cycle again. It's a continuous zig-zag pattern that seems to work well with fitness models and the like. So well in fact that I have read they can actually lose weight too quickly. Sheesh! If only everyone could do that! I usually have a good run with the cycle until a Friday or Saturday hits. I ALWAYS seem to fall off the wagon on the weekends. But while mom is here we aren't buying any goodies (can't have that stuff laying around while dieting!!! what torture!!) and hopefully that will help a lot.

So, lets give her a shout out people!!! WAY TO GO, JAN!!! Keep on keeping on!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 4

G-ma didn't think she could make it to 10 minutes this I made her go 11. HAHAHAHAHA! I don't think she'll EVER learn NOT to say negative things cuz I just make her push harder.

The words "I can't" don't belong here!

Right after her 11 minute walk she went into strength training. Her workout is as follows:

The bridge - 8 reps, 4 sec hold
Ab leg lowering - 5 reps
Crunches - 8 reps, 2 sec hold
Lotus - 8 reps, 2 sec hold
Leg raises (on knees) - 8 reps, 2 sec hold
Standing leg kickbacks - 8 reps, 2 sec hold
Squats (to chair) - 8 reps
Dead lifts - 8 reps, 10 lb dumbbells
Sitting quad raise - 8 reps, 2 sec hold
Military Press - 8 reps, 5 lb dumbbells
Bicep curls - 4 reps @ 5 lb, 8 reps @ 10 lb dumbbells
Tricep kickbacks - 8 reps, 3 lb dumbbells
DB Row - 8 reps, 12 lb dumbbells
Lat. raises - 8 reps, 3 lb dumbbells

This workout pretty much kicked her butt so I only made her do 1 set.

On a slightly different note: I tried a new metabolic circuit yesterday. KICKED MY BUTT!! Between that and weights the day hamstrings and glutes (and for some reason my triceps) are HURT-ING TO-DAY!!!!!! love it

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 3

This morning, G-ma walked for the full 10 minutes, despite being sick and in bed ALL day yesterday. AND, she walked with me to the store and back before lunch. I'm so glad she got right back into it. We still need to add a strength training session in sometime today (right now she is off to rest) and then an evening walk as well.

It is my belief that she will be able to sustain a 20 minute walk (at a fairly good pace) before we leave Denmark.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 2

Gram had a little bug yesterday so there is nothing to report. She stayed in bed all day and night and didn't eat a thing. Today she is up and feeling better. She is eating an omelet and afterwards we will see how much walking she can do. I don't expect her to make the full 10 minutes after being down all day yesterday, but she's going to try anyway.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day One

We are off and running! Day one of our NEW diet and fitness regimen. Measurements have been taken, pictures have been taken, goals have been set.....let's kick ASS!!!

Here is G-ma chatting with Jeff. It is going to be one of her "before" pictures.

And just for the record, she walked 10 minutes at 1.7 today!!!! She was hardly able to walk 5 minutes at 1 mph just 5 days ago.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Seeing progress daily

Yesterday she was up to 7:30 minutes and then she made the mistake of saying, "It didn't even hurt my back or anything".

Today, I'm going to make her go as long as possible PAST 8 minutes.

She keeps saying, "Oooooh, I am going to be crabby next week. I NEEEED my chocolate!"

Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen the woman happier than she is while eating chocolate. But unless she feels like walking to the store (after finding somewhere to exchange her American money) and buying it on her own.....she won't be seeing any for quite some time. MUUUUUAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't you love our diet?


Mmmmmm......homemade chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. HEAVEN!

Oh, and we had pizza for supper. "So how the heck is she gonna lose the weight", you ask? Wouldn't YOU like to know ;)



G-ma has been SUCH a good sport. We don't "officially" start our training and nutrition program until Monday but I wanted her to be firmly in a groove by then. She's been on the treadmill every morning and night. Up to 6 minutes 30 seconds each time and I decided we're going add a noon hour session as well. PLUS....she worked out with weights again today. The lady did deadlifts....kid you not....WITH WEIGHTS!! WHOO HOO!! We're gonna rock this fat loss THANG!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday: 5 minute walk in the am, 5 minute walk in the pm, little soreness due to getting introduced to the floor in the kitchen, some stretching and light strength training.

Today: 6 minute walk in the am, 8 beginner squats, 8 dead lifts (no weight), legs lifts....and tonight, another 6 minute walk.

Her prepping days are going well. My hope is that by Monday, she will be walking 10 minutes in the am & pm. We'll see how it goes.

I'm already SO proud of her.

She also started in her journal today. She wrote down her goal, the goal date and some affirmations that she will be saying daily (part of visualizing success).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

on the road to success

Well, she did it! Twice on the treadmill AND some strength training. I have a good feeling about this!

Small Steps

Today I got g-ma on the treadmill. We started her out slow.....veeeeeery slow. But she did 5 minutes without breaking a sweat so tonight we are going to do 5 minutes again, just a tad faster. I am hoping we'll be able to add a minute every day but we'll see. Slow and steady is our plan because we don't want to risk injuring her since she isn't the most stable on her feet.

At least we are off to a start, preparing her for Sunday (which, by the way, is Boot camp Day 1).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Blog Title

I have decided to change up my blog. My mother is staying with me here in Denmark for the next 5 weeks and I have decided to turn this otherwise relaxing little trip to Europe for her into boot camp!

She has wanted for a long time to lose weight and I think I have a super plan that is going to help her achieve that dream. This was going to be a fitness blog anyway (since that is my passion) and since my fitness goals are somewhat boring, I think blogging about my mom's future success (and she will succeed) will be more exciting.

I intend on devoting the next month to her health and fitness. She will have a specific training and diet plan that will be super easy and fun for her to follow, we will be taking pictures daily and recording measurements weekly. I am making her keep a written journal also and we will take some entries from that and post them on this blog so you get an idea of what SHE is thinking through this whole process.

Why am I doing this? Simple....accountability. Studies have proven that when you are tracking progress and sharing it with others, you are being accountable for your actions, therefore are less likely to give up.

Come back soon to find out an "official" start date. I need to give her a couple days to rest and acclimate herself after a long day of traveling from the US. Comment often with well wishes for her. She will need all the encouragement she can get! Her name is Jan, BTW!!