Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun card game to play with your kids

Last workout day of the week today. It hardly feels like I've worked out at all! Although during my burst training sessions, my muscles are screaming and lungs are burning!

Today was super fast upper. Let's just say LOTS and LOTS of pull ups and push ups of every variety. It was tough! Can't wait to see my arms, chest and back by summer after this type of training. What changes are you hoping to see with your current training schedule?

Tonight for dinner, I made grain free pancakes (recipe from ML book, of course) with some home made syrup - berries, a little water and some xylitol simmered until thickened. OMG! This one is a home run! Who says you can't eat your favorites when eating healthy??

My sweet husband brought home a huge 54oz tub of organic coconut oil from Costco today. It was an incredible bargain compared to the little jars we buy at the grocery store. Years ago I would be afraid to buy a tub that big, for fear it would go rancid before I used it up. Not the case these days! I go through that stuff like crazy!

Hanna has been working out with me this week. Every day, her alarm goes off at 6:00am and she comes to get me and we go downstairs for our workout. So proud of her!

And as far as my other two munchkins, they are growing up with a love for fitness! They beg to play the "exercise game" nearly every night. It's such a fun way to sneak in a little workout. You get a plain deck of cards and pick an exercise for each suit, like this:

hearts - squats
diamonds - lunges
clubs - push ups
spades - pull ups
Aces - jump lunges
Kings - jumping jacks
Queens - jump squats
Jacks - box jumps

the numbered suit cards, you do the specified exercise the number of times as represented by the card
All of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack cards we do 30 seconds of the specified exercise.

So if you draw a 7 of hearts, you would do 7 squats
If you draw a King (any suit) you would do 30 seconds of jumping jacks
And so on

If you draw a joker, you can pick an exercise to give to another player.
It's really fun. And kids LOVE it. Mine always like to flex their arms and show me their muscles. They are so proud when they can properly do an exercise that Mama does. It makes me beam with pride.

If they grow up with a good example, they can learn good habits to last a lifetime.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Golly. Reading my last post over, I realized that at one point, I sound like a hag! Complaining about people boasting on Facebook. I sound almost jealous, which I hate. And I'm not. I sort of pride myself on the fact that I don't harbor jealousy. I have certainly been jealous many times in my life (I'm jealous right now of my sister soaking up the sun in Mexico while I'm freezing my buns off here in ND) but it's not my thing. I want to encourage people, not drag them down.

And so, I'm sorry if I sounded negative yesterday. My point was not to sound negative or jealous. I promise I will try not to cut people down, whether they are needy or not. Overly grumpy. Overly happy. Incredibly stupid or too smart to talk down to us regular folk. Whether you like to brag that you're house is spotless, your kids are the smartest on the planet or you've just workout for 3 hours straight - twice in one day, I will try {really I will} not to rag on you. I need to remember that quote about lifting people up.

Next time someone posts something about how great they are, I'll just agree and move on. K?

And I've done my fair share of bragging about stuff. But I like to save it for this blog. I talk about all the workouts I do, nutrition I think is best, exciting changes I'm seeing in my body, etc. because that's what people are here to read about. Plus, you don't have to read it anymore if it bothers you. I really hate the "spotlight" or too much attention because I'm a shy person. That is why blogging, although a great outlet for a shy person like me, can be dangerous because we tend to say things we would never say directly to someone. It makes us a lot braver to be typing away annonymously.

Moving on....

I made a FAB homemade vegetable soup last night. Perfect for a cold blustery night. I added organic grass fed beef to it and it simmered along side okra, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, celery and swiss chard. Talk about nutrient packed dinner! For the soup base I used organic chicken stock with NO added sugar (this was hard to find!) and tomato juice. That's all there is to it! Then, I also made some cheese drop biscuits (grain free of course, so it was within my diet guidelines). Both recipes from the Maximized Living book. I'm having leftovers for lunch right now. MMmmmmm!

My one favorite recipe that really keeps me going these days is walnut "bread". It's a recipe from the Wheat Belly book. There is no flour or grains of any kind, and no sugar. But it turns out so moist yet crumbly, and sweet because I add xylitol. I would compare it to a coffee cake. It lets me feel like I am eating a treat when I'm actually eating something incredibly good for me!

What are your favorite clean recipes??? I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi y'all!

Phew! I've been a busy girl these days! But who isn't, right?

I have been working on new creations for my digital design business, see my Facebook page here just in case you haven't heard ;) And I'm STOKED because my likes went from 50 to 125 in just the last day! And my sales are really taking off!! It's super exciting!

I also had a job creating a logo for a friend who takes racing photos. I can't wait to see which one he picked!

I have been feeling so incredible, I really don't know where to begin telling you about it. First of all, I'm coming up on one month into my new lifestyle and it's smooth sailing. It's gotten so easy. I have completely forgotten about bread, potatoes and sweets. I am amazed at how awesome I am sleeping, and the changes I am seeing. I literally feel sorry for anyone NOT currently doing this - it's that good.

You might think you're fit enough. You might think you eat good enough. But guess what? I used to think that too. I had no idea. I've unlocked a secret. One I'm willing to share. The sad thing one wants to hear it. Pretty funny, huh? One of my purposes here on this earth is to motivate people, I just know it. And I love to be a motivator. But it's a really hard job. Honestly, people just don't want to hear it most of the time. Including you, I would bet.

What I read and then post about, will make no difference to some. They just aren't willing to make a change. And in some cases, are so stuck on what they currently do, they will do it in excess until the day they die, just to prove they can. Maybe because it's the norm. Like I said the other day, if a billion people believe in a bad idea, it's still a bad idea!

I see stuff on Facebook that makes me LOL, literally, every day. Especially the stuff pertaining to workouts, because it tends to be a "boast post" about how much they just did. I tend to ignore those posts that I feel are "fishing" for compliments. Your low self esteem shines brightly on Facebook! I should be boasting about how little I actually do, and how tight I am becoming as a result! But I don't need the praise and admiration of others to make my self worth.

I say that I laugh because I feel like I've uncovered a gold mine, told my entire network of friends and family about it, and they still don't want any part of it. Imagine you just found a cure for cancer, offered it to a friend who had cancer, and that person turned it down because they would rather go through the horrible chemo treatments that may or may not help in the end. Of course that's a drastic comparison, but if you knew what I knew, you'd agree that it's actually not all that far off!

Do you know why most avid exercisers never change? They toil day after day but always look the same? They do the same thing all the time. Their bodies have become so efficient at what they do, it has no reason to change. Want to know why an avid runner can easily run for an hour? Because their bodies are used to it! Remember, you are an incredibly efficient machine. Do the same thing you've done year after year, get the same results you've had year after year.

Another reason they never change - they don't eat right and they think it's all about the calories. Their mindset is, if they burn X amount of calories during their workout, they will be on their path to fat loss. You can burn over 500 calories per day and still never change. At some point, if the calorie theory were correct, people burning 500 plus calories a day would literally not exist. People training for marathons would literally vanish into thin air if the calorie theory held water. But it's not that simple. A person eating a "clean" 2000 calories a day will lose weight but a person eating a "junk" 1500 calories a day won't - because fat loss is not just about the calories.

It's about the food you are eating. I shutter to think how many fat calories I'm eating a day. I don't even want to know. It doesn't matter because it's the right kind of fat. And since I'm eating the right kind of calories, I'm actually shrinking in all the right places! I haven't eaten a starchy carb in a month, where do you think the weight I lose during and after a workout comes from? I'll tell you what it's NOT comming from - a big starch filled meal I have to eat to fuel my sugar burning body!! Because I'm not a sugar burner anymore. And I don't need to load up on starchy carbs to fuel my hours of mind numbing cardio sessions. p.s. - I'm losing FLAB on 36 minutes a week.

This is not a "low carb" diet. It's a NO SUGAR diet. I still eat PLENTY of carbs. They are in the form of VEGETABLES. Do not mistake what I am doing for low carb.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ok, here's the thing....

I'm in 2 fun runs this summer. Don't think me a hypocrite because I bash cardio and then run myself. There is a difference. I am doing these {short} runs for fun - NOT to lose fat.

I find it funny that some advertisements on the radio boast, "Join {enter random cardio class here} and burn up to 1,000 calories an hour!" HA! I'd like to know who is burning that many calories an hour. You must have to be at least 200lbs and working at your MAX potential the ENTIRE time. Even then, I'd be extremely skeptical. I think it's false advertising. It's false hope.

I burn more calories lifting weights in one hour than I do running for one hour. How do I know? I have a little gizmo that tracks my pulse, age, weight, etc. On average, I burn about 500 calories an hour lifting weights. Want to know how much I burn running? About 350. Not to mention the after burn I get. "As much as 95% of the calorie cost of intense anaerobic exercise can come AFTER exercise!" says Dr. Christopher Scott, PHD, who is an exercise physiology professor at the University of Southern Maine. So in addition to those 500 calories I burn while weight lifting, I'm burning that much more when I'm done! He goes on to say, "The afterburn effect is minimal for traditional cardio".

Read the article here:

While at the hair salon yesterday, I happened to read an article in SELF on running (which was pro-running, btw). It said, HANDS DOWN, running was the best way to "torch" calories. And then it said, that on an average, slow distance running will burn 158 to 240 calories in 45 - 60 minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I almost laughed out loud! Who is "torching" calories at that rate??? I wouldn't even burn off the avocado I just ate, in that case!

"Tempo" runs push you closer to your anaerobic threshold but still only burn 130 - 195 in 30 minutes. AND, it says "you don't want to clock more than two of these sessions a week, so your body has time to bounce back between workouts." Really??

HIIT had a way better calorie burn - coming in at 80 - 200 calories in 10 - 20 minutes. So in 1/3 of the time, you can burn almost just as much.

In case you are interested in the article, you can find it here:

I get what they are saying though. For people who are new to fitness, running is a good foundation. A good starting point. You will loose weight not matter WHAT you start doing, if you've been used to being sedentary. But, you'll have a long way to go to build up to that hour and "reap the reward" of that measly 240 calories.

I generally don't read articles in magazines like SELF or SHAPE or any other fitness mag that is offering help and advice to exercisers (yesterday, it was either that or celebrity gossip mags). They have one goal in mind: SELL MAGAZINES. And guess what? Headlining an article on the front cover that says, "Intense Workout Inside!" just doesn't sell. We want everything to be easy, don't we?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

charging through

I signed up for Hard Charge Fargo and Run or Dye - both this June.

Yup. Me.

But the thing is, this kind of running is actually fun. And it's only 4 miles, so no need to train endlessly on the treadmill for it.

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a mud run. The thought of those obstacles thrills me like nothing else! I'm so pumped! Plus, I'm on a team with some FABULOUS people. In just 1 day of asking friends to join, I've got a team of 5. And more inquiring! That blew me away! I thought I'd be doing it alone for sure.

I've always been curious of these color runs too. Anything to make running more fun than it actually is, right?!

So, yeah. I'm really excited that I have a couple things to look forward to.

Still really sore today, but I'm going to get my butt to the gym anyway. I think it might just be a  machine day. Since every muscle in my body hurts, I don't know what else I could handle. I could even just walk the track. Something!

I will leave you with a GREAT quote by Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 18 today - maxT3

...and still going strong!

I finally cracked open my maxT3 dvd. Oh. My. This is going to be awesome! Gotta gear up for my mud run in June! That is going to be such a blast! I'm going to be in such good shape, I'll fly across those obstacles! Upper body strength? Check!

Can't start today though. So sore from yesterday. Ouch!

maxT3 is a piece to the Maximized Living puzzle. There is a something for any fitness level to do. It was designed for use by Olympic and professional athletes or those trying to compete at the highest level. And it's been adapted so everybody can use it. And trust me when I say, even the Olympians feel it!! It's truly unlike anything you've seen before. At least, I've never seen anything like it. I've done some of the exercises, but not the way they do them. It sort of goes against what every guru on the net tells you is the "right way" to train.

However, Maximized Living is on the advisory council for US judo & martial arts, wrestling & weight lifting teams, Colorado Rapids major league soccer team, and USA Volleyball. So, I think I'll go with their information. Afterall, these are elite athletes.

It's cutting edge. And it's not boring, slow go cardio. It's 6 minutes of functional, multi-joint exercises. Total workout time is 12 minutes of burst training. Hard to believe that there are people out there going at the same old same old for upwards of 6 hours a week and not changing a bit, while others are getting ripped on 36 minutes a week. Unbelievable! But it all comes down to hormones. They control whether you will get shredded or stay the same. With this metabolic conditioning, you create an oxygen debt and stimulate the hormones that increase metabolism and thus are able to be in a fat burning state long after the workout is done. Does your cardio do that? Strength conditioning builds lean muscle, which, when added to the body, aids fat loss.

There are two energy systems: aerobic and anaerobic.

The aerobic energy system needs oxygen to turn nutrients to energy - classic aerobic mode would be hanging out on the treadmill for 40-50 minutes. We used to think that to be fit, you had to do this, but all cutting science says you need to be hanging out in the other energy system....the anaerobic system. And the reason is, short duration high intensity exercise drives your body's hormones into a certain state that maximizes HGH, testosterone, and minimizes cortisol. And by doing that, you change your body's metabolism and it is metabolism that helps your body burn fat and build muscle. And I don't care who you are, you want your metabolism to be working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

I'm here to spread the good information that helps people who want to be in the best shape of their lives and have bodies that actually look like you spend all those hours exercising, become more knowledgeable in how to do so. STOP spending all that time on those cardio machines!! If your goal is a ripped body, with lean muscle mass and a kickin metabolism that drives you healthfully into your golden years, you must stop the old way of thinking.

New information is constantly proving old information wrong. Remember, people used to believe that the world was flat until the discovery that it was actually round. And the low-fat diet craze was all the rage in the 80's but because of it, we are fat and unhealthy. Oops, turns out we actually DO need fat. The good fats, that is. Old, out dated information. Move on, people.

Even if you don't necessarily dig this type of exercise, it's 12 minutes of your day. Who wouldn't rather spend 12 minutes getting in shape vs. an hour of something that doesn't have a positive impact on metabolism or lean muscle (which are required to improve your physique)?

I'll forever try to encourage you to train smarter, not longer. But in the end, it's up to you to make the choice. It is your body afterall.

If you haven't already, check out Maximized Living at
They change lives.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Almost human again

I had a wonderful Sunday skiing with the family. Then, early morning (3am), I woke up feeling funny. Couldn't sleep. So I went downstairs to work on the computer a little bit until I got tired. Well, I just couldn't shake the weird feeling I had and I thought a bad panic attack was on the way. So I did something I haven't done in ages....I took, not one, but 2 of my "crazy pills" - as my husband calls them.

Good news: I never had a panic attack. Bad news: I got the flu. I woke up to get the kids ready for school the next day and felt SO tired and heavy, I could barely walk. Then I got a fever. I stayed in bed all day and by dinner that evening, I was yaking up what little food I ate that day. TMI?

I was in bed for 2 whole days. Finally up Wednesday feeling almost all better. Today, I went to the gym and it was OK. You know how hard it is to get your energy back after laying around feeling like a weak puddle of goo? The thought of mustering up enough energy to punish my already weakened body didn't thrill me. But I did it. I was maybe a little slower and maybe not as strong (could barely do 5 pull ups in a row), but I have to start somewhere.

So, in 45 minutes, I burned 380 calories and will continue to be in a rate of accelerated fat burning for the next 48 hours. Not only that, but I'm on my 13th day with absolutely NO sugar or grains. One more day to hit the two week mark. And what happens then? I've retrained my body how to burn fat instead of sugar so that from now on when I workout I'm not going to be burning the carbs I just ate. NO SIR! I'll be burning fat! Whoo hoo! See you later saddlebags! Today, a good friend of mine asked me how much longer I had to go on this diet and I couldn't answer her for sure. I know that two weeks is up tomorrow but I want to continue for at least another 3 months. I want to witness my body morph from something that's currently better than most my age, to WOW! Oh'll happen.

I feel amazing! How 'bout you?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

One week down

It's hard to believe that exactly one week ago today, I started my journey to health by giving up two things that seem to be the main staple in the American diet these days - sugar and grains.

One week with absolutely NO starches or sugars. And it's been surprisingly easy.

There were a couple of times I almost slipped up, by accident. Like when I'm making a nutella sandwich for my little girl and bring my finger up to my mouth to lick the chocolate off then stop myself. "Whoa! That was close!" I would be absolutely devastated if I messed up this good thing I've got going!

Yesterday was the first day out of the week that I had a longing to eat like I used to. We had some free pizza coupons to use up and so I ordered pizza for the rest of the family while I ate my delicious wild caught Alaskan salmon. But smelling and seeing that pizza gave me my first twinge of the old cravings I knew so well. It passed about as quickly as it came. Thank goodness. I held strong and was very satisfied with my salmon and mushroom saute. And even had dessert to look forward to.

I made the most incredible apple spice muffins yesterday - completely healthy but you'd never guess it! The batter was fabulously light and airy and the finished product surprised me. Usually there is some sort of tiny giveaway when you make treats healthier by substituting healthy ingredients for bad ones. But I can say with all honesty that you wouldn't be able to tell. At all. They were that good. And I made them myself so I know what I put in them. Otherwise, I'd never believe it! Mmmm.

Tomorrow it sounds like the family and I will be taking a trip into lake country to do a little cross country skiing. That is one of my favorite winter activities. I just hope that I have some relief in my muscle soreness by then! I have NEVER been so sore. And for me to say that just goes to show how bad it really is. And it's not just one muscle group, it's all over. My back, shoulders, biceps, quads, hammies and butt. I can barely walk. It's all from the 2 workouts I did this past week. If that doesn't get my body in the best shape ever, nothing will!

And on that note, I am so so so so SOOOOO excited for summer! I'll want to wear my bikini everywhere I go! It's only been a week but already I'm proud of myself. I feel awesome (despite the sore muscles) and I'm already leaner. I have a stunning red dress that I'm just dying to wear, it was a tad tight when I bought it. Yesterday I tried it on and it slid on with ease. No belly bulge, just a flat firm stomach. I'm my biggest critic but even I have to admit....I looked hot! I'm going to have to take a picture of myself in this dress, it's amazing. A show stopper no doubt. I feel sexy times 100 when I wear it. Can't wait for my husband to take me out on Valentines day. I'm going to knock his socks off!

Friday, January 4, 2013

2 things that have saved me

2 recipes that have made my transition off grains and sugar delightfully easy:

Home made grainless bread with ghee spread on top
(ghee is clarified butter)
Almond bars with chocolate
You might be wondering how I can eat chocolate if I'm not eating sugar. Well, the chocolate on these bars is 100% cocao (which has no sugar) melted down with stevia to sweeten it up. Brilliant!
These two recipes have really saved me from craving bread and sweets.
And as I was cleaning up my computer desktop and getting myself organized for the new year, I came across these photos. This "before" picture absolutely amazes me. I don't even remember being that soft! I had no muscle definition....whatsoever. This was a little over 6 years ago.

Look at me now! I have striations! And biceps! It's incredible.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

day 6 - no sugar

I have never gone this long without some kind of grain. Ever. Never gone this long without some form of sugar. I've already accomplished a goal that I've never accomplished before and it's only the 3rd of January! Of course, I didn't wait until the new year to start after my goal. I was too excited to start my new journey to wait. And, I started on a Saturday, if that's not weird enough in itself.

This "diet overhaul" I've done is a little more involved than just simply not eating sugary treats. It's eating nothing with sugar in it. Like last night, we had taco salad for dinner and I was going to put some hot sauce on my salad but decided just to check the ingredient list to make sure, and there was sugar in it. So I didn't use it. I was going to get some smoked salmon at the store the other day, but the ingredients listed brown sugar, so I put it back. Making sure to check the label is important. Sometimes even food you wouldn't think had sugar in it, does.

I don't crave anything. Not one thing. It's a freedom like I've never felt. I don't associate food with happy feelings anymore. And I'm just shy of a week into it. I don't think I'll ever go back to eating the typical western diet. This is going to change more than just my body. This is going to change my life. I feel like it already has.

No more food addictions. I'm not a prisoner to cravings. If I crave anything at all lately, it's vegetables. I'm not even kidding. Another first for me.

I went into the gym today, still feeling a little on the dizzy side. This is my only remaining side effect. I am hoping that by the end of next week, that will be history as well. Anyway, I had legs today. I only had 5 exercises on my schedule. 4 sets of each for 10 reps each set. It still took me an hour to complete (including a warm up on the treadmill at max incline - 15%). My legs were absolutely rubber when I was finished. They are still weak. My dizziness almost interfered with squats today.

I used the olympic bar for squats instead of the squat rack today. I can't handle as much weight this way, but I wanted to hit my abs with stabilizing my body. I have to sort of clean and press it, because I start with the bar on the ground, so I can only use about 65 - 75lbs, otherwise I might not be able to lift it over my head to get it on my shoulders. Today I used 65lbs. Pulling from the floor up to the beginning squat position, where the bar is on my shoulders, made me extremely dizzy. It's a quick movement from the floor, so it's no surprise that it really affects my already dizzy state. But, after a short pause, I handled it just fine.

I also did deadlifts with the olympic bar instead of in the squat rack. And for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a bigger bar - 45lbs just the bar itself. See, the cage makes you feel so secure. It's very useful when you are lifting very heavy weight without a spotter because with just a twist of your wrist, you can rack the weight, where as with the free standing bar, it's all you. So I managed to do 95lbs today. And despite not having lifted heavy in a while and not even exercising at all for a week, I wasn't unhappy about that.

Then was jump squats with a 10lb medicine ball. Leg press and single leg press. Those were intense!

I burned 450 calories doing those 5 exercises. Not too shabby! Especially considering it's all coming from fat!! A lot different than horking down a bunch of sugar loaded carbs to fuel an hour long aerobic workout that does absolutely NOTHING for the physique. I honestly don't get why people still do that. It seems like a huge waste of time. Most likely it's due to an old school mindset or using outdated information. Kind of like the way some people still think that eating good fats will make you fat. But, it doesn't matter to me, I'm not the one doing it. It just makes me feel smarter ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

can I get a whoop whoop


This is day 5 of NO SUGAR, including anything that turns to sugar - this includes grains and fruit. The first two days were rough, bad headache. The next two days were good because my excruciating headache finally subsided, but I felt dizzy and drained.

I hit the gym this morning at 6am for the first time since before Christmas. I was scared. I got on the rowing machine and I could tell it had been over a week. But it was only a 5 minute warm up, I could handle it. Then I moved on to shoulders. I did 5 shoulder exercises - that's it - and burned 350 calories!! BAM! And I left the gym bouncing off the walls. I felt so amazing. It was so great to be back. And it was so great to feel so energized and just plain happy.

For the first time EVER I feel like I am going to accomplish something I never really believed I could do. I am going to COMPLETELY change my physique and my health! And I am so excited, I feel like shouting it from the roof tops!

Either I was just so ready or in the right mindset, or it's actually a lot easier than I thought - either way, giving up sugar wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. When I first read the books, I was incredibly scared. How was I going to NOT eat bread, oatmeal, fruits, etc. I mean, I can't even eat carrots! I've tried low carb before and it was so hard that I never really succeeded at following it for more than 3 days at a time. But this isn't low carb, it's no sugar. I get plenty of carbs from all the veggies I'm eating. Between that and all the healthy fats, I'm never hungry. AND the really great thing is, I don't have to eat my body weight in protein! Which was one of my mistakes in the past.

I always read about the importance of high protein for building muscle. I failed to realize that there is protein in other foods besides just meat-meat-meat. So, I was trying to eat like 25-30g of protein at EVERY meal. Guess what? It did nothing for my fat loss efforts. And it did nothing for my muscle gain efforts either. Honest. When we consume more protein than we need, we store it as fat, same as everything else.

Add in the fact that our bodies use SO MUCH energy just digesting processed food, that it leaves little energy for other things. Ever wonder why you feel so tired and, well, just plain crappy after eating foods which aren't in their most natural state? Because it takes our bodies so long to digest them! Think of your energy level at 100%. If you eat crap, you are using 70% of your energy just to digest that crappy food! That doesn't leave you with a whole lot. But when you eat whole foods, natural foods, they go through your system quicker. Your body isn't working as hard to digest them. So you might only be using 10% of your energy to digest food, leaving you a whopping 90% for other things! Makes sense, right? Also, when you digest your food quicker and easier, it doesn't leave you feeling bloated, constipated and gassy.

Here's another little tidbit fer ya: now that I'm not eating any sugar or sugary carbs, guess what I'm burning when I exercise? That's right! Stored fat! It's no wonder fat just falls off people who do this! And that is what gets me AMPED at the gym. When I know I'm not busting my ass for nothing, it makes me want to work twice as hard!

The hardest part about this lifestyle is going to be dealing with people who don't understand it. 99 out of 100 people are going to think it's C-R-A-Z-Y. They are going to think I'm starving myself or depriving myself or making myself unhealthy. They couldn't be farther from reality. They are going to tell me I NEED grains. Because since the food pyramid says I need 6-8 healthy servings of grains a day, that's what I need. Well, do you know how screwed up the food pyramid is??? Tell people they need to eat more food that turns to sugar the moment we eat it, no wonder we're fat as a nation!

This lifestyle gets scrutinized (like anything else, I suppose). It's hard for people who've never tried it to imagine living it. I remember buying the book "Wheat Belly", reading it and desperately wanting to try that lifestyle because of all the healthy benefits people were seeing from simply cutting grains from their diets. Well, I tried it and failed. Miserably. It was just too hard. I wasn't ready. But now, something is different. Whether it's the helpful books I've read that are chock-full of delicious simple recipes and ideas to keep you going or the stories of incredible health and weight loss "miracles" - something sparked in me and my mind simply told my body...."it's time".

This lifestyle is about getting healthy fats - which is seriously lacking in our diets today. People are SO SCARED of eating fat. I even know people who won't touch coconut oil with a 10 foot pole because of the fat grams and calories in contains. What they fail to understand is that the fat in coconut fat is the GOOD fat. And your body needs these good fats to benefit you by dramatically reducing obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline. Coconut oil, hemp seed oil, flax seed oil, and other omega 3 rich foods like salmon, nuts & seeds, anchovies, sardines, even grass fed beef and organic free range eggs! Don't be afraid of good fats! They are not what are making us fat. Sugar is what's making us fat.

Something to chew on...