Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello again


It's me. Been a while. How are you? I hope that you are doing well.

I remember a time when I found joy in blogging. It was therapeutic. I used it as an outlet for many things: journaling my thoughts and experiences through fitness and health being number one.

Journaling has many benefits. I found a release from the stress of daily life, which is great for mental health. And of course writing not only harnesses your creativity, but it also helps you process and express ideas more effectively. Super good for setting and achieving goals!

I used to try to keep written journals, but for some reason, typing online was easier to stick to. It kept me accountable by letting the whole world into my life - goals were not just in a dusty book on my bedroom floor. I liked to be able to look back on past posts, to see where I was at during a particular time period. I had recorded all my mistakes and successes. And if I was feeling down, I could find things that I did well and try to replicate what I did to get back on track. Seeing my past achievements was a great boost when I needed it the most. And being able to see what didn't work was beneficial as well.

I've discovered that I have really missed blogging. Even when I didn't have anything particularly helpful or interesting to say, it gave me all the benefits that I previously mentioned. And I realized that not only was I attempting to be a source of inspiration and motivation for my like minded fitness friends, but I was actually the source of MY OWN inspiration and motivation! And without that, I've been much less successful with my goals.
Sometimes, people will try to distract and deter you from your goals, especially if you are succeeding and finding great happiness in what you are doing. Tomorrow, I will share something valuable I learned about goals and happiness.
Good night, friends.

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